I'm just a regular guy with a camera who likes to go out and take photos. I shoot most everything (but weddings) and love to travel around the block and around the world in search of great images to share.

Apparently I started walking around with a camera around the age of 5 according to my parents, though they tend not to always be the most reliable of sources! I think I really got started shooting in college, now several decades ago. Yes, I am one of those old guys who shot back in the days of film and "get it right in the camera" was the mantra.

Yep, this is how long I’ve had a camera in hand!

At one time I was primarily involved in motorsports, shooting all different type of cars and boats including NASCAR, IndyCar, Drag Racing, Unlimited Hydroplanes and just about everything that makes loud noises and goes fast. My work appeared in a number of magazines including Road & Track, Racer magazine, Powerboat, and many publications. Toyota, No Fear and other companies licensed my images for advertising. More than 25,000 of those slides (yes, there was a time before digital photography became the norm!) I shot have been permanently archived into The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Today I just shoot for fun, which allows my to photograph just about anything and everything I want. Except weddings.


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