The Rapid Evolution of ON1 RAW / by John Clark

I’ve been playing around with ON1 RAW 2017 since they launched the program earlier this year and, overall, have been extremely pleased with the program. It’s an excellent RAW photo editor, equally in line with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) or Lightroom, and (in my opinion) offers far more options on the artistic side of post-processing to take your images to the next level of “wow!”

For a first year product, the team at ON1 has done a great job. No, it’s not perfect, but let’s remember that this has only been on the market for a few months and many people try to compare it to Lightroom which has had years of updates and refinements so that’s not entirely a fair fight. Yet…

ON1 hasn’t stopped working on the program, and have already offered several free updates with the next one becoming available by the end of the August.

I’ve been fortunate to get a preview copy of the upcoming RAW 2017.6 release and it continues to get enhanced in ways that will more than benefit the user. Some of my favorite new features that will be included in the update are:

  • Fast Preview – Like, really fast! If you’ve ever gotten back from a photo shoot all excited to see your images this one is for you. RAW 2017.6 pulls the JPG image that is embedded in the RAW file so you can get to culling, rating and evaluating your images faster than ever. Even if you have hundreds of shots, they will be all rendered and ready to view with just a few ticks on the second hand of your watch. For an idea of just how fast we are talking, check out this short video.
  • Easy Photo Rotation – A small improvement but a welcome one…  Now you can rotate images in any of the views while in the Browse, Develop or Effects modules.
  • Compressed Photoshop Files – This version of RAW promises smaller file sizes when you create or export a PSD file. No longer will they bloat up in size, but using lossless compression they should be around half the size!
  • Cataloged Folders – The Indexed Folders feature in Browse has been pushing steroids! Any Cataloged Folders are automatically scanned in the background and always kept current so you have access to better searching and browsing across all your selected folders.
  • And More… Oh yes, so much more! New lens correction files, more cameras supported, more motion blur. The list is long!

It’s exciting to see a company listening to their user base and working on the features that photographers want. And I have no doubt that ON1 will continue to evolve and update RAW over the coming days, months and years. I’m excited to see where the developers are going to take this program! Stay tuned…

If you’re interested in trying out RAW 2017 to see for yourself how it handles your workflow and would like a free 30-day trial of ON1 RAW, simply click here. You can even download the current version and the software will upgrade itself when version 2017.6 becomes available.