Goodbye Michigan! / by John Clark

It's time to get rid of this thing!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot of new images lately. Or then again, maybe you haven’t…

Well, it’s time to come clean about my lack of photography recently. For well over a year I’ve been thinking about moving out of Michigan. I came very close around this same time last year, but “day job” issues put that idea on hold. I’ve lived in Michigan for more than 12 years now, and this is a beautiful state with so many fantastic places to photograph and the dozens of talented photographers I have come to know. The decision to move (or not!) lingered long and hard in my mind.

But now I realize its time for me to say goodbye to Michigan. Instead of being out taking photos over past few weeks, I have been laying the foundation for a move, and preparing the house for sale. The good news is that I sold my palatial estate (yeah, right) in less than 48 hours of being on the market. The bad news is that I don’t yet have a place to move to!

If you’ve read this far it means that you are either a good friend, really bored or someone who simply likes my photography. And that also means you might be wondering where I am relocating to as well.

So, drum roll please… It’s goodbye snow and hello sand!  It’s time for some warmer weather and new adventures in the Southwest so I’m moving to the neon lights of Las Vegas! 

My new home is somewhere out there... I just have to find it!

Now please bear with me a bit longer as I won’t be posting much for a few more weeks while I get across the country and settled somewhere. But I hope you like photography from the Southwest, because you’ll be getting a lot of that. I also have some travel planned that should result in some great images later in the year. Hope you stick around for the adventures!

Oh, and it won't be goodbye to Michigan forever... I have work requirements that should bring me back to the Detroit area several times a year. And you can bet that I'll bring my camera and try to grab some new shots while in the area!